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Recently my Calendar does not update on iCloud. All events created on the iPad dows not show on iCloud, but events created on iCloud does  calendar is not syncing to iCloud.

Syncing iCloud contacts and calendars in Windows 10

Icloud calendars not updating

Icloud calendars not updating

Check your app settings Make sure that your iCloud Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders are set to appear in the Contacts or Calendars app: Contact the vendor for additional information. If no, make sure to bring it into action. The information store could not be opened. Wait a few seconds. Close System Preferences and wait about a minute. Icloud calendars not updating

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The tense can use the cut-in women of iPhone to launch the "iPhone Erect Not Syncing" problem. If icloud calendars not updating juncture responds, don't grant to share it with your areas.


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How to Fix Apple Watch Calendars Not Syncing With iPhone